Fumaiolo, a food company from Romagna, produces piadina, frozen pasta, sauces and vegetables in oil.

Research into raw materials, knowledge handed down by tradition, respect for the territory and constant attention to market developments: these are the fundamental aspects that characterise the business and have guided its growth since it was founded in 1985.


In addition to the main plant in Alfero, which includes production, storage, raw material warehouses and offices, and the flagship shop in Bagno di Romagna, from 2019 Fumaiolo has opened a commercial detachment in Cesena. The total surface area reaches 4,000 square metres, with further expansion prospects.

After consolidating its presence in the central-northern Italian market, the company is now ready to expand throughout the country and even explore the foreign market, focusing on its values as well as on the guarantee represented by Made in Italy.


The production cycle is structured on the basis of work shifts: each week is dedicated to restocking and stocking the different references.

At the end of the production phase of a reference, the whole company is sanitised so that subsequent processes do not leave any trace of the previous ones.


The secret of Fumaiolo quality lies in the strength of the land where production is located. Uncontaminated air, pure water, respect for the naturalness of the products.

IFS Food

To guarantee the safety of the entire production chain, Fumaiolo is certified IFS Food (version 7, October 2020) at Higher Level (98.62%) – a recognized standard for food safety, quality of processes and products.


Fumaiolo is first and foremost a reality made up of people: within it, each human resource feels valued as an active part of a common project, under the banner of respect.


At the end of the production phase of a reference, the whole company is sanitised: in this way, subsequent processes leave no trace of the previous ones.


Fumaiolo was founded in Alfero (FC) in 1985 as “Salumificio del Fumaiolo”, by Tiziano Caminati. The founder’s intention, strengthened by the historical tradition of pork butchery in the Romagna Apennines, was to offer his customers high quality cured meats.

Over the years, the business was expanded and diversified: in 1999 the production of classic pasta and piadina began, following artisan methods and without the addition of preservatives (piadina – lighter thanks to corn oil – is still one of the company’s flagships).

Thanks to the growing success of Fumaiolo’s products, in 2001 the pasta factory began to collaborate with some large-scale retail trade brands, and started a line dedicated to quality catering.

In 2012 the activity was transferred to the current plant, equipped with large storage facilities.


Tiziano Caminati establishes the Salumificio (cold meat factory)


Production starts for both pasta and piadina


The Catering products are developed


Works are completed on the new factory


Relocation to the new premises


The Wellness Range range is launched