Piadina alla Canapa

Rich in fibres, amino acids and mineral salts, the Fumaiolo alla Canapaolo piadina was created to complete the Benessere Range offer.

These piadinas are made with organic Italian flour mixes, demonstrating how tradition can innovate without sacrificing taste and quality. 

Four different delicacies, all waiting to be discovered: Wholegrain, for those who love clean and rough flavours; 10 Cereals, with flour prepared by an artisan mill specifically for Fumaiolo; Spelt, rich in proteins and essential amino acids. And hemp is particularly suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

All Fumaiolo piadinas are made with oil instead of lard; this gives them 40% less fat than the original recipe. They are preservative-free, preserved only thanks to the cold, for a healthy and genuine product. In the refrigerated section.

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