“Fresh pasta. Fresher. In the freezer section”. This is the claim of the new advertising campaign.

The slogan perfectly represents our offer: fresh pasta preserved only thanks to the cold, frozen immediately at source, in order to preserve all its goodness unaltered.

With Fumaiolo fresh pasta, you can breathe experience the Roman lifestyle, the craftsmanship, the careful search for the best raw materials – only selected Italian ingredients – combined with the perfect amount of innovation. All the production steps are carefully checked to guarantee the quality of the processing and respect the resting times of the dough, without the use of any preservatives. The result is a pasta with a rich and intense taste, just like home-made pasta, even fresher than fresh pasta from the refrigerator section.

With Fumaiolo you can taste the classics of tradition, ideal both dry and in broth, but also innovative products, with revisited recipes, always healthy and authentic. Tortelletti are available as stuffed pasta, with a tasty filling enclosed between two layers of pasta, ravioli, raviolini, cappelletti and tortelloni. There are also numerous variants of traditional pasta: potato gnocchi, pappardelle, noodles, noodles, strozzapreti, pici and passatelli.

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